Hi and welcome to Rough Notes, a blog about homelessness in London. I am lucky enough to have a home but many in London don’t and the issues facing those without a permanent residence are often overlooked by those who have not experienced homelessness.

As a regular volunteer for Crisis I have had the pleasure of making friends with some people who sadly do experience homelessness everyday. For this reason I have decided that I would like to raise awareness of the issues faced.

My good friend Del Fin (that’s an alias as you can imagine) has agreed to write me some “Thoughts of the day” for this blog and hopefully his contributions (and any others are more than welcome!) will help the rest of us get a better view of what is going on and maybe together we can do our bit to help tackle the problem.

Lastly thank you to Dislocated Imagery for the kind use of the photo at the top of this blog.

Panda x

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